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Drumming and Healing

In Oneness

Walking Tree Sanctuary


Healing Meditations 


Drum Circles     Sound Healing     Shamanic Journeys     Collective Dreaming

About Alder Kim McDonald

I believe you are important in creating our world today.

Our team is committed to the vision that all beings, including you, are valuable. All beings are connecting with another now to enter a paradigm shift as one in one vision! This includes all people, animals, flora, fauna, insects, plants, trees, power animals, ascended masters, angels, spirit guides, ancestors,mineral, moon, sun, stars, planets, earth, wind, air, fire, and water. Discover an amazing love portal through drumming, chanting, meditating, sharing, and dancing as you experience Drumming in Oneness. 

We are committed to embracing each other's diversity in healing, loving and peaceful ways. We care for our mother earth and father sky, raising higher frequencies that creates joy and expands to benefit the world within all around and within you. Join us in creating powerful gentle waves for all your relations.  

We welcome the opportunity to recognize and remember what and who you truly are becoming. You are loved, safe, and recognized here and now. ~Kim Alder


Drumming In Oneness

3535 SW Coronado Street

Portland, OR 97219

You can also find us on Facebook:

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Hours: By appointment and listed events